An American Ancestry - Our Pedigree Was Earned in the Revolution

Descendants of DAVIS DAVENPORT
of King William County,
Direct, Parallel, and Allied

The term Pamunkey Davenport includes all those who trace back to Davis Davenport, who first appeared as a plantation and landing owner in Pamunkey Neck, Virginia, in a 1696 survey and then again in the King William County Quit Rents of 1704. Many of us proudly wear the Davenport name, but we are also Graves, Gambill, Baker, Kennedy, Wiseman, Mallory, White, Arnold, Jouett, Smith and so many more in surname - including all those who are Pamunkey Davenports by marriage, by adoption, by being raised within the family, and by affinity. All are part of, contributors to and enriched by a Family History with its roots in Colonial America and a pedigree earned in the American Revolution.  That Family History is portrayed here.

John Scott "Doc" Davenport, Ph.D. (1925-2013)
The Leader of the Pamunkey Davenports
and Author of the Pamunkey Davenport Papers.
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Robert Lee "Billy Bob" Davenport (1928-2008)
Coordinator of the Pamunkey Davenport Family Association.
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Important Information You Should Read
“Best Evidence” Genealogy
When and Where Records No Longer Exist

by Dr. John Scott Davenport


The Pamunkey Davenport Family Association is proud to announce the publication (in CD format) of the long-awaited update to John Scott Davenport's Pamunkey Davenport Chronicles -- The Pamunkey Davenport Papers. More than 10 years in the making, setting out the synthesis of decades of genealogical research, Dr. Davenport's extensive history of the Davenport family that had its beginnings in the Pamunkey Neck region of Virginia chronicles the events -- great and small -- that shaped the family from before 1650 to well into the 19th century. In more than 2270 pages, The Pamunkey Davenport Papers reviews the available records and provides reasoned analysis to place the births, deaths, marriages and lives of the descendants of Davis Davenport of Pamunkey Neck in the context of their times. The land transactions, the court proceedings, the rising and falling fortunes of the individuals, their associations with other families of the day, and their migrations from the Pamunkey Neck area throughout Virginia and onward into North Carolina and elsewhere is carefully documented.

The Pamunkey Davenport Papers contains three volumes of The Further Chronicles of the Pamunkey Davenports, together with five annotated supplements covering subjects as wide-ranging as the DNA results that place some Pamunkey Davenports in limbo to the records and analysis that separate the Pamunkey Davenports from other Davenport lines of the times.

To explain the Pamunkey Davenports requires explanation of the collateral and related families, and descendants of those families will find much of value in The Pamunkey Davenport Papers. Among the surnames in these families are: ARNOLD, BAKER, EVANS, GAMBILL, GLENN, GRAVES, SMITH, TERRY, WASH, WOODROOF, and WOODRUFF [and many more].

The cost of The Pamunkey Davenport Papers is $29.95, plus shipping, handling and, where applicable, sales tax. The net proceeds will go to the Davenport DNA Fund for the benefit of all Davenports, whether or not Pamunkey.  The Pamunkey Davenport Papers are on CD in PDF format.  Please make sure you have an updated copy of the free Adobe Reader program to get the most from the CD files.  It's available, free, for all at

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